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“Not only has the class been effective in terms of SAT prep, but has given me self-confidence and deeper insight on how I interpret and answer questions. But all of this couldn’t have been done without the foundation of our the class-our instructor, Chris Yco. Before and after class, he checks in with EVERY student, making sure they are fully aware of their own potential as well as future references such as college apps. Chris’s optimism and support has given me a better outlook of how I’m going to prepare for the college application process. His willingness to help out students throughout the whole process makes us feel assured. To me, Tricycle Learning is not only just a class, but a complete package of support, test-taking improvement and confidence, and step-by-step college preparedness voluntarily offered by the determined instructor!”

11th Grade Student at The California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Kalamazoo College, Full Scholarship

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“We hired Chris Yco for SAT prep for our daughter at Palos Verdes High School. Not only did she raise her score, Chris was more than helpful in assisting her with her university applications. As this was our first experience in this stressful process, Chris was a lifesaver. Of course, for our younger daughter, Chris was our first choice for her SAT prep and apps, and she too raised her score dramatically. We feel that Chris went above and beyond in helping our children to do their best. He is extremely bright, patient and teens love his no-stress attitude to learning.”

Mom of Isabella and Paloma Williams
LMU and Chapman

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“As the director of a pre-collegiate program for high school students, we seek individuals to support our students in reaching their highest academic potential. Several years ago, the Upward Bound Program at Long Beach City College was fortunate to find Christopher Yco, owner of Tricycle Learning. As I watched our program juniors and seniors this summer and spring participate in Christopher’s SAT prep classes, I was impressed to watch how quickly and skillfully he engaged the students and elicited such a positive and passionate response from them. Christopher showed up at every session prepared, enthusiastic and ready to break down the SAT material in a way that no longer felt intimidating or overwhelming to our students. With his support, encouragement and shared wisdom, our students feel confident and prepared to take the SAT. Christopher is a true gem!”

LBCC Pre-Collegiate Director
Upward Bound Program Director

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“Chris is an excellent SAT tutor! He helped me tremendously improve my score and gave me very practical test-taking skills that can transfer over into other areas as well. I have recommended him to many of my classmates and they have all had similar success!”


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“Both of our children received college advising services from Chris Yco. He coached and mentored them throughout the entire college application process. They received ACT and SAT study strategies that helped to maximize their scores. Chris asked appropriate questions to help them pick colleges that were a good fit for their field of study and personalities. Looking at their personal statements with fresh eyes, Chris helped them to write and revise the statements to better emphasize their strengths.”


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“Tricycle Learning Co. is dedicated to the advancement of our students. Chris has been an invaluable resource, giving his time to make sure that our cadets get to college. Tricycle has gotten our cadets excited about college and teaches them how to make sense of the process. They are not just a tutoring company, but also part of the family.”

North High Saxon JROTC

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“Chris is always willing to listen and help in times of struggle and need and is one of the few adults that every teenager can trust. He is reliable and always connecting with people to get to know them and understand them. He has a big, generous heart and has all the characteristics a true friend, teacher, and leader needs to have.”

North High Saxon Battalion

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“Tricycle Learning courses have helped me overpower the anxiety that is associated with the SAT. Applying this mentality towards my SAT has positively influence my performance and speed in the SAT. Tricycle Learning Co. has not only helped me perform better on the SAT, it has helped me grow and develop as a person and lifelong learner.”

Southern California Institute of Architecture

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“Whether someone can afford proper tutoring or not, education should be available to everyone equally. In the end, Chris would like to see students opinions on education lighten up and become more positive. Especially these days, people of the younger community are giving education a bad reputation. Walking down the street you hear things such as, “school is stupid” or “I don’t get this! Why do I even have to go to school!”. With his open heart and mind, Chris changes student’s minds on school and makes it fun and interesting.”

UC Riverside

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“You definitely helped improve my SAT scores. I took my first one blindly without any tutoring and got a decent score but not good enough to get me into my college of choice. After working with you I developed the strategy needed to tackle the SAT which led me to being able to CHOOSE which college I wanted to go to!”

University of San Diego

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“Thanks to Chris, I was able to bring up my SAT score by 160 points just after a few sessions. Chris also provided me with great assistance with the college application process, and overall made a very positive difference in my life. Chris is the reason I was able to accomplish my goals, and I’m forever grateful for his hard work and dedication to his students.”


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“Chris helped me achieve my number one educational goal of attending business school at UC Irvine. His patience, persistence, and easy to follow teaching methods as my SAT tutor and mentor gave me the necessary skills to confidently go out and achieve my goals. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Chris, I could not recommend him highly enough.”


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“Working with Chris was super helpful. My SAT score jumped! He gave me testing strategies that I used on the SAT, ACT, and even on regular school tests. He dissected my score report to find and improve on my weak points. Anyone who is looking to improve their test score should definitely take the time to schedule an appointment with Chris.”



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