“Not only has the class been effective in terms of SAT prep, but has given me self-confidence and deeper insight on how I interpret and answer questions. But all of this couldn’t have been done without the foundation of our the class-our instructor, Chris Yco. Before and after class, he checks in with EVERY student, making sure they are fully aware of their own potential as well as future references such as college apps. Chris’s optimism and support has given me a better outlook of how I’m going to prepare for the college application process. His willingness to help out students throughout the whole process makes us feel assured. To me, Tricycle Learning is not only just a class, but a complete package of support, test-taking improvement and confidence, and step-by-step college preparedness voluntarily offered by the determined instructor!”

11th Grade Student at The California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Kalamazoo College, Full Scholarship