SAT/ACT Training

Eliminate stress. Maximize points.

Choose how you train.

We offer Individual, Small Group, and Virtual SAT/ACT classes that provide
students with comprehensive tools to rise above the SAT/ACT tests.

Keeping you moving

We expose students to the test material, identifying pitfalls and reflecting on mistakes.

  • Math

    We focus on the basic question types. From algebra to geometry, from arithmetic to functions, we review the fundamentals of mathematics. Moreover, we learn active listening. skills, and how to hustle.

  • Writing

    We familiarize students with the basic grammar rules. Students will embrace speed, and learn how to let it go.

  • Critical Reading

    Our Four-Step process trains students how to spot the “wrong” answers and eliminate the time-traps typically associated with this section.

We take students out of their comfort zones – like an SAT/ACT boot camp.

Tricycle Learning Company progressively turns up the heat with timed drills, simulating the pressures of test day. We analyze and record student performance, which allows them to spot their own weaknesses. We help students overcome their fear with action.